Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The short and sweet life of Pistachio.

It saddens me that I didn't introduce the newest member of the family sooner and didn't get more pictures before it was too late. This sweet little bunny of mine passed away this morning. Britton surprised me with him a little more than a week ago and we grew to love him fast. He was our first pet and will probably be our last for a while...I realized today that I get too attached too quickly. He was doing awesome at first. He was so lively and loved eating every type of fruit and it wasn't until this weekend that he started acting not like himself. This morning I woke up and could tell there was something wrong. He died shortly after. I named him Pistachio and Tori's bunny is named Mistachio....we thought their stashes were pretty awesome. A couple things I will miss about my little bunny is: His "purring" when I held him, How he went insane whenever he smelled a banana, and how he kept me company when Britton was at school. Rest in peace Pistachio.

3 people said...:

mckenzi said...

Oh my gosh Heath this is the saddest thing;( I am so sorry your Pistachio got sick. Hope you are doing ok!

Tori said...
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Tori said...

We miss you Po. Mo's life is empty without you.