Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This past weekend was the start of a national holiday in China, which means a week off of school and mass inner-country migrations as families go on vacation. Tori and I had to work this week but we got a 3-day weekend and that's when we decided to go to the train stop and figure out where we wanted to go. It was a very last minute trip AGAIN but it was super fun. I think I am slowly starting to enjoy the spontaneity. We went to a water town called Tongli and it was amazing. It was just like Venice, Italy with its narrow alleys, canals, and restaurants along it. We got there on Friday so the crowds weren't there yet and it was so peaceful. We spent the day exploring the alleys and meeting a lot of locals. The town is over a thousand years old so there is a lot of history there. We found a European hostel for only $7.50/person/night and it was one of the cleanest so far. Can you believe it? only 15 bones for the both of us. It is crazy! That night, we found a wall that everyone carved their names into so we did the same. We found this awesome coffee shop where you can write a postcard to someone and they will hold onto it for a few years and then mail it for you. So B & I wrote a message to each other and we will get it in three years. Later, we ate along the canal at an italian restaurant that I would never recommend (chinese should stick to Chinese food), looked at all the shops, and cheered on Britton and Chris as they played pool against some French men. I think they won:) The next day we went to a few museums and gardens. And yes that is Britton goofing around in one of the sacred gardens. It was a great start and has helped Tori and I get through our looonng week of teaching. It's only half over so wish me the best! Happy October!